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    Linelo is wonderful for everything from a small list of notes to viewing a full length novel on your tablet or smartphone. Linelo makes it easy to organize a few individual notes, such as grocery or todo list, but it also makes very large documents much easier to navigate on a small screen.

    Linelo's secret is that every line can also act as a 'folder'. In this way Linelo allows lines to be hidden within lines which are in turn hidden within other lines, to any level, so hundreds or even thousands of lines can be maintained and used effectively event on a small device like a smartphone.

    Every line in a Linelo document can also be a link - to another line within the document, to another Linelo document, or to anything external such a webpage, image or photo, telephone number, file folder, or pretty much anything.

    Linelo is a reader for public, shared, and private files, taking the place of the web based Linelo web application. And Linelo is now fully integrated with Wikipedia so you can seamlessly load any of the more than 4.3 million pages in Wikipedia as Linelo pages, will the full capability to edit and navigate like any other Linelo document.

    Linelo includes a feature called "Lobots", a way of adding a few lines into a document to support an activity such as going to the grocery store, or recording the details of a car accident. This feature will grow rapidly over the next few releases as we build more templates and find better ways to integrate them into Linelo.

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