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    LinKad enables a contactless smartcard or NFC tag to be linked to a person easily. No bulky equipment or computer is needed.

    It can be used with TapKad and Attendance for attendance recording and analysis, or with Notification for sending out personalized SMS. The personal particulars captured can be printed with the aid of CI FormFiller Grid Tool and CI FormFiller Generic Edition. It also links students to contactless cards, enabling paper examination results to be subsequently entered into computer systems using the Test and Grade apps, without the need to explicitly indicate the owner of each result, thereby significantly reduceing the administrative workload of teachers.

    The USB edition is specific to Malaysia. In Malaysia, a person is typically identified with a MyKad. LinKad accepts a MyKad, and links it to either the same card, or any contactless card or NFC tag. The personal particulars in MyKad are retrieved through its contact interface and stored in a local database during linking. The contactless interface of MyKad can be the target of linking. Alternatively, many other contactless cards such as Touch n Go, MyRapid, Manjalink or any NFC tag can be used.

    After linking, the person only needs to tap the contactless card or NFC tag on a reader or an NFC-enabled phone to indicate his or her presence. The presence may be used for attendance recording or even in a basic payment system.

    A smartcard reader of model ACR-1281U from Advanced Card Systems Ltd should be used with the USB edition :

    Users in Malaysia may contact for purchase or enquiry. The reader has a slot for inserting a MyKad. After the MyKad is read and removed, any contactless card or NFC tag can be placed on the reader for it to be linked.

    LinKad allows multiple contactless cards or NFC tags to be linked to a person. As long as any of those cards or tags is tapped on a reader or a phone, the presence of the person is recorded.

    Reminder :

    You are responsible for the safe-keeping of the collected personal particulars, and for making sure they are not utilized in any manner not agreed by their owners.

    Disclaimer :

    Causal Idea is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage inflicted during and after the installation and use of the application.

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