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    Linpus Keyboard has amazingly accurate next word prediction, auto-complete, and auto-correction, learning and getting smarter as you type. It also has many options to personalize and change the layout.

    This latest version, just released, has updated auto-complete and prediction learning from your previous word and your writing style to give you ever more accurate completions to what you want to say. It also corrects both based on spelling error and tapping the wrong key to allow you to type faster and freer.

    Key Features:

    Extremely smart auto-complete, prediction and correction.
    Resize – Change your keyboard to four different sizes to suit your fingers.
    Personalize – Includes many different skins.
    Splittable – For tablets split into 2 for easier typing on large screen
    Move – Adjust the position of your keyboard
    Space bar – Tap space bar to select highlighted most likely word.
    Auto-space – Choose to add auto-space or not.
    Auto-capitalization – Choose to auto-capitalize or not.
    Multi language typing – Swap between as many languages as you like.
    Arrow keys
    Contact address book importing


    Linpus Keyboard default language is American English you can' find Linpus language packs through our keyboard settings.

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