Liquid Height in Tanks

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    Liquid Height in Tanks Calculator allows you to calculate the liquid height in a horizontal cylinder using this application. The calculator supports the following cylindrical ends:
    + Flat Ends
    + ASME F&D (Dished Ends)
    + Elliptical Ends
    + Hemispherical Ends

    This calculator will take the following input:
    + Volume of liquid in cylinder (Accepts input in m3, mm3, inch3, ft3, Gallon (UK), Gallon (US), Barrel (Oil), Liter, Pint (UK), Pint (US)
    + Length of tank / vessel (Accepted input in m, mm, inch, ft)
    + Diameter of tank / vessel (Accepted input in m, mm, inch, ft)

    The calculation will estimate the liquid height in the tank and display it in one of the units below
    m, mm, inch or ft

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