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    Simply complex. Need to make a list of things you need to do or get. Then "List It Plus" is for you. Its simple and easy to use interface will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

    New Feature for version 4.1:
    +Print your lists via Google Cloud Print (Menu -> Print)
    Learn how at

    Lists are printed in plain text format and only checkbox, amounts and items are currently supported. Print example:

    Receipt Title

    4 item(s)

    ___ (Amt: 2) item1
    ___ (Amt: 1) item2
    ___ (Amt: 3) item3
    ___ (Amt: 4) item4

    If an item is checked it will have the following format:

    _X_ (Amt: 2) item1

    If you have the checkboxes, amounts or items on your list hidden they will not be printed.

    *Simple interface
    *Button toolbar for quick access to frequent operations
    *Gestures (swipe between lists; make a check to check all items)
    *Multiple lists (limited only by how much memory you have)
    *Custom check mark and font colors
    *Custom colors for individual lists and sublists
    *Custom widget font and background colors
    *Adjustable font sizes
    *Show/hide item(s) count (only in main list)
    *Show/hide gesture stroke
    *Show/hide Toast messages
    *show/hide any field
    *add a date to item
    *add an amount to item
    *add note to item
    *and an Internet link to an item
    *add a picture to item
    *TidyUp (automatically or manually move checked items to the bottom of the list)
    *Quick Add (add items quickly one per line with a simple notepad style interface)
    *Add items from other lists and sublists
    *Copy list
    *Option to strikethrough checked items
    *Option to hide keyboard after item entry
    *Manually reorder items
    *Sort by item, amount or date either ascending or descending order
    *Move to SD card for Android 2.2 and later (this will disable your home screen widget)
    *Import List It lists
    *change picture thumbnail size
    *help file
    *item count is displayed in checklist activity
    *unlink a list from Dropbox (list is deleted from Dropbox as well)

    *Sort by item, amount or date in either ascending or descending order

    *Dropbox integration: sync your lists across different devices with Dropbox! Requires a Dropbox account. All authentication is done through Dropbox. Your username and password is never seen in my app.

    *You can now choose and move the storage location of your lists.

    *Import CSV formatted lists with the following fields: checkbox, item, amt, date, notes, link (Compatible with the basic ListPro CSV exported fields).

    *Import List It Plus lists from any location on your device
    **A list can be imported as a sublist into another
    list too

    *Export CSV formatted lists with the following fields: checkbox (0 unchecked; 1 checked), item, amt, date, notes, link

    It's simple and it is what it is:
    no dates
    no priorities
    no notifications
    no reminders
    This is not a task list. While it does have a date option it is there just for informational purposes only.

    *WIDGET INCLUDED: It displays your primary lists. If you press on a list it will open up for editing.


    Why did my widget disappear?
    Android doesn't support home screen widgets that have been moved to the SD card.

    Where is my widget after I moved "List It Plus" back to the phone?
    You will have to reboot your phone for it to show up in your widget list again.

    ** Please email me for questions, comments, suggestions, and BUGS. Thank you. **

    Don't want all these features? Then view more of my apps below and try "List It" for free with no ads.

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    Users comments for List It Plus

    The Punisher

    by The Punisher

    Apr 03, 2015  |  "Poor"

    Don't waist your time, widget does not work and developer isn't fixing anytime soon, try Google least it works

    Jennifer Bradshaw

    by Jennifer Bradshaw

    Mar 06, 2015  |  "Good"

    you can have sublists by sublisting an item but you can only have one level of sublists. lt does give you one more level than Wunderlist. Can add more than 1 pic to any note. I cant take a new picture though. Can print via google cloud print but not by Star print. Very difficult to navigate and enter note contents. If sublist an item you cant make it back into an item. If you merge a sublisted it

    Jamie Paugh

    by Jamie Paugh

    Jan 15, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    Well worth the $.99. I love the options. Only 2 quetions, how do I get the food icons/pics next to the items like in the sample pics? The only thing I'd add which would be a LIFE saver for me is to be able to input prices and have it total it up as you go.. I hate having to write it down at the store so as not to go over my budget...

    Wayne Kushnier

    by Wayne Kushnier

    Nov 22, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    Simple, small, sleek, ......silly? Yes it's a great app for all your lists & it doesn't take itself too seriously do you'll have fun making out those lists. Great UI, no performance issues & no phone issues. The flexibility of the app is its biggest feature but it's just one of them & it's loaded with others. Chk out the free version &you'll be sold - I was. Nuff Said

    Denby Liu

    by Denby Liu

    Mar 29, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    Now that I've had several months trying it out very happy with the app. Especially like the auto sorting to the top of the list of items not checked off. Thanks.

    Rena Kunisaki

    by Rena Kunisaki

    Feb 01, 2014  |  "OK"

    No labels, only tiny confusing icons. No direct import from free version. Touching a list name doesn't open it. Gestures can't be edited or disabled. Free version is much better even with fewer features.