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    ListMaster manages all your important lists – To Do, Appointments, Transactions, Pick Up or Drop Off, Shopping, and Grocery lists. ListMaster allows you to quickly enter dates, times, contact names, phone numbers, and transaction types, and build your Grocery list by picking from hundreds of grocery items organized by grocery isles – Baked Goods, Baking Supplies, … Dairy, Deli, … Produce, etc. with all selections arranged and maintained in alphabetical order making finding and selecting items from the lists quick and easy. You can easily add new list entries, edit / update existing entries to personalize your lists, and deleted individual list items or all items in a list. There is an option provided to send your lists as an email or text message. Also, you can use ListMaster while talking on the phone or surfing the web!

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    Using the Grocery List

    Build your grocery list in the days before you go to the store, while you are at work, at home, or on the go. You can review your list, select items, and add them to your list at any time you have your phone with you - even while talking on the phone or surfing the web. Just open the ListMaster app, select Grocery from the List of List, select an isle from Show List or use the up / down buttons, and Select from the list of items to add to your list for each isle. Close the ListMaster app by taping the back key on your phone, or tap the home key to suspend the app so that you can select and resume it later right where you were. You can also switch between your other lists, To Do, Appointments, Transactions etc. while building you grocery list and while shopping at the grocery store.

    If you think of some additional items that you don’t yet have on your list(s), you can add them as you go (even if you need to add an item to a list for an isle your have already shopped), just select the appropriate isle(s) and select the item(s) from the selection list(s) for those isles. When you are finished revising your list(s), re-select the isle that you are on and continue with your shopping.

    Sending your Lists as a Text or Email Message

    Once you have created your list, you can send it to your spouse, significant other, a friend, or even yourself as an email, or as series of 160 character or less text messages. Tapping the Send As button allows you to select the message type: email or text message. Next you will need to enter the email address or a (mobile) phone number. To send as an email message tap the Contact button and select the contact’s email address (home, office, etc.) or type the email address into the List Entry box. To send as a text message tap the Phone No. button and select the contact’s mobile phone number or type it into the List Entry box. Next, tap the Compose button; the message to send will be built from your selected list or all your active grocery sub lists (isles that you have selected items from and currently show the number of items selected) and shown for your review in the List Entry box. The message will include each list entry or in the case of the grocery list each isle name followed by the list of items selected on that isle. The end of the message will be noted by . Tap the Send button when you are ready to send your list. The entire list, either the To Do, Appointments, Transactions, Pick Up or Drop Off, Shopping, or Grocery list (with all sub lists) will be sent as a single email message. If it is being sent as a text message and exceeds 160 characters, it will be segmented into a series of text messages each of which will be less than 160 characters in length with a message segment header of (1 of N)…(2 of N)…(3 of N)…etc. where N is the total number of segments sent, followed by the segmented text body. Your lists remain on your phone in the ListMaster app until you clear them.

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