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    Lists 2 Share Pro features:
    ~ 'Easy-Add' Widget!
    ~ No Ads!
    ~ More features coming soon

    This should be the most Versatile and Flexible List Sharing Tool you will find!

    No Internet Connection Needed!!

    – Bad Connection in the grocery store? No problem, Add and Delete your grocery items and it will automatically sync when the connection is restored and all the participants will be notified of the changes!

    – Want to create a “To-Do” list or “Wish List” while on the airplane? No problem, create as many lists as you want, they will automatically sync to the internet once you walk off the plane!

    This application provides “Shared Multi-Purpose Lists, accessible from any Internet or Mobile Browser”. And these are truly shared lists, updated real-time for everyone!

    What’s the difference between this List Application compared to most others?

    1. All your information is stored on the web! You can’t lose your list information even if you lose or change phones.
    2. You can share lists with people that have any other type of phone, no Android phone necessary (non-Android users will have to use their web browser).
    3. You can set individual security settings per list – useful when you only want to share a list with someone that should not be allowed to update it.

    This application is meant to help you easily Share Lists with anyone, on any phone or computer, in real-time. With Lists 2 Share you can create Multi-Purpose, General Lists, with functions such as:
    - Collaborate with an unlimited amount of Participants and create an unlimited amount of lists!
    - Set different statuses to items in your lists (Complete/Incomplete or High/Med/Low priorities)
    - Speak your list items with voice recognition!
    - Automated Notifications of list changes
    - Ability to Set Reminders for any items within your lists
    - Easily send your full list to multiple recipients
    - Log on to your lists account from any internet point

    If you want to Share Lists with people that do not have an Android Phone, they will need to visit on their device’s browser.

    Look at the screen shots to see the lists that I personally use, it will give you a good idea of what Lists 2 Share is best used for. Of course, some of the most popular lists are To-Do Lists and Grocery Lists, but don’t limit yourself to those, get some lists in there such as “Wish Lists”, “Books to Read”, “Restaurants to Visit”, etc…

    Updates Coming Soon:

    1. Additional Widgets and other Great Features for Lists 2 Share Pro!
    2. Notifications via Phone rather than email only
    3. I-Phone version? Yes – Will keep you updated on the anticipated release date

    ~ CREATE multi-purpose lists ~ SHARE them with multiple people, open participation ~ Receive instant NOTIFICATIONS when lists change, or on a scheduled basis ~ Setup REMINDERS for list items ~ DISTRIBUTE your lists to anyone!

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