Locate Resources




    Why do you need Locate Resources application?
    1. Locate Resources tracks, monitors and manages an individual or group of people for operational and safety security reasons.

    How to start?
    1. Install the application on your Android phone.
    2. Create your account by providing your email id, phone number of the device, name, country and submit it.
    3. Check your email for the password. Once you get the password your account is activated. It may take from few minutes to hours before you get the password. Ensure to check spam folder in case email goes to spam.
    4. Log in to the application using your registered email and password received to use dashboard. Here you can enable/disable the monitoring options. You can also change or reset password.

    How to add more users to account?
    1. Install same apk on user phones and submit the registration using same email id that you have used for your main account in the email field of registration.
    2. Phone is automatically added in your account and will be configured with same settings as you have for monitoring.
    3. You can monitor and manage phone from your dashboard account.

    Note: Please keep the application updated for new upgrades.

    Disclaimer: This is a supplementary tool providing a mechanism of communication.

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