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    Lost your phone or mobile device? Don’t fret! The Mobile App can help you get it back. Use 21st century digital functionality to ping your mobile device and get the information you need. From a myriad of personal mobile recovery options to real time reporting and search capabilities, the Mobile App works in tandem with to help recover your mobile device and anything else!

    Mobile Device Recovery

    Misplaced in your immediate vicinity? Use the Scream/Alarm system to have the phone flash its light and send out a repetitive, loud sound to help locate it. Don’t know where the phone or mobile device is? Sign in to and use the mapping or address request functions to find its location. Send a message to the finder to relay real time instructions for its return. Or, take a picture and have it sent to you in order to figure out the present surroundings of the phone. (Did I leave it in the car?)

    Personal Property and Pet Recovery

    The Mobile App is your gateway to reporting and searching for lost and found information using the database. All of the resources available online on the website are now available on your mobile device including: offering rewards, email matching, listing enhancements, and more! There are certain features unique to the mobile app designed to assist you in search and recovery for your pet or personal property. Using the PIN function on the reporting page, you can “pin” on a map the location of a loss, so that you may return later to search. This location information can be shared to create a group for search and rescue later as well. Walking the dog and it ran away? Use the RADIAL ALERT feature to send your lost dog listing to other folks within a determined radius of your location. Of course, a simplified protocol to REPORT and SEARCH is here as well – your location and contact information are preloaded. So take a pic, add a short title and description, and your information is available on for all to see!

    Business Property Recovery Services

    One of the major features of the Mobile App is its ability to interact online with the Venue Page. Much like a profile page on a social media website, the Venue Page allows organizations to place their lost and found information on their own page, thereby allowing a much more efficient customer service experience for their patrons. Using the mobile app to interact with the venue page, employees can receive ALERTS from the venue page admin to notify them of lost reports in REAL TIME. This can be very important for high traffic areas like airports, train stations, and restaurants where patrons are present for a very limited time. Complementing this, employees can use the REPORT features (preloaded with the venue’s information) to quickly report lost and found items as well. It is as easy as a pic, couple clicks, and a report is made.

    Uninstall Instructions
    To uninstall the app, you must remove the app from the device administrators list first. You can do so by going into settings and choosing the "Device Administrators" option. From the device administrators list, please remove Mobile App. Once removed from the device administrators list, the app can be removed by going into settings and choosing the "Apps" option. Then choose the Mobile App and tap the "Uninstall" button to remove the app.

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