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    Working Litecoin miner for android! Use your idle phone to generate lite coins. Core mining code from JMiner.

    Questions: For direct response email
    ---Pool not showing miner as mining / active
    This is something I'm trying to test out. If longpoll is detected before a share is submitted, your pool may not count it. This is likely due to JMiner's extremely slow speed. The goal is to replace JMiner with a port of cpuminer with the next update.

    BETA: Tested working on EVO 4g LTE, if you have problems, please leave a comment with a description.

    Access Network and Wifi State: Internet
    Access Internet: Internet
    Write External Storage: Not implemented but will be used to save log files in the future.

    Usage: Verify the settings on the settings page. They should be familiar to anyone who has used a miner before. If not, the defaults should be fine. This is not a client, you must be signed up with a pool or be running your own system. Signing up for a pool is easy, a quick search for "Litecoin Pool" will put you in the right place.

    Whats Working:
    -Litecoin Mining!
    -Mining now runs in a service and can be run in the background. To enable this, check "Run in Background" on the settings page.

    What's Not:
    -Mining threads should stop faster in 0.3, however they
    do not stop immediately. Starting and stopping mining in quick succession (tapping the button over and over) will start threads faster than they are killed, and should be avoided.

    -LTCMiner relies largely on JMiner code to mine, which has been left more or less intact. The speed your getting is what JMiner is putting out. Improving speed is the number one goal.

    -Thread MAX_PRIORITY. Mining at this priority might work, but you may encounter responsiveness issues. Be responsible with the number of threads and the priority.

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