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    MacroCut lets you create powerful custom home launcher shortcuts. Shortcuts that are like macros or scripts. For example you can create a shorcut that lets you turn on GPS, launch Maps, then when you are all done with Maps it turns off GPS for you automatically. All from just one click of a launcher shortcut!

    You're not limited to just GPS you can configure all kinds of settings including AutoRotate, Bluetooth, Silent Mode and WiFi... with many more to come. Combinations are only limited to your imagination.

    Some useful shortcut examples you can create are

    1. Turn on AutoRotate
    2. Launch the Gallery
    3. Turn off AutoRotate when you are done with Gallery

    1. Turn on Wifi
    2. Turn on GPS
    3. Launch Maps

    All from one button click from a home launcher!

    You can also create home launchers that turns on and off one or many settings similar to widgets. Never forget to turn off GPS or WiFi again with MacroCut.

    There are many app's that automate settings configuration. However many of those app's use long running services (tasker) that keeps running in the background and will drain your battery. With MacroCut everything run's sequentially and it uses no permanent long-running services.

    With MacroCut anyone can be a Power User!

    - AutoRotate, GPS, Bluetooth, Silent Mode, WiFi ... etc

    - Make sure to exit the browser by pressing menu then exit. Other apps use the back button to close the app.

    * Setting GPS may not work for all devices.

    * Setting Screen Timeout to off may not work on all devices.

    ** Please note that if you uninstall the application the shortcuts created will no longer work.

    *** If you are experiencing DISAPPEARING SHORTCUTS, there is a bug with shortcuts and folders. If you reboot your phone you will find all your missing shortcuts are in your folder. This is a Google issue and not a Macrocut one.
    The workaround is to not use folders on that home screen or create the shortcut by long pressing on the home screen and pressing shortucts, then Macrocut. This is the Google preferred way to create shortcuts.

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