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    MangoTasks is an easy to use, agile task management tool. Using MangoTasks on Android you can easily add, view, edit, prioritize, share and follow the natural flow of a task from start to completion everywhere you can use your mobile device.
    Features include:

    · Add, view, edit, share and follow the natural flow of a task from start to completion.

    · Inform colleagues of your task progress and be informed of theirs through Task Activity Stream.

    · Organize and prioritize your task list while on the go.

    · Chat directly with online colleagues about tasks.
    Use Case Description:

    Tasks in business involve a lot more than just a list of tasks jotted down on scratch paper. Business tasks are not always on your plate. Sometimes you want to stay informed of tasks on other peoples’ plates, even the plates of entire teams. Using MangoTasks, you can easily manage all types of business tasks efficiently and effectively.
    How is MangoTasks Different?

    · Activity Stream: Throughout the “Task Lifecycle” you can track task activity via “Feeds”. “Task Activity” in the Feature Grid keeps you intimately informed of colleagues’ notes about task progress. In the Task Activity Stream colleagues’ “Profile Picture” and “Online Presence” is shown adjacent to each feed.

    · Task Bins: MangoTasks introduces task “bins” to organize your tasks. The bins are constructed to filter tasks that you are actively “Working”, tasks that you will be working on after the current set are “Pending”, and tasks that are not yet scheduled and will be worked upon at a distant later stage are “Queued”. MangoTasks has an easy “Feature Grid” to quickly view tasks from “Working”, “Pending” and “Queued” bins.

    · Task Actions: In addition to adding, viewing and editing, MangoTasks lets you take actions on tasks based on your role. Owner of a task can mark it “Started” or “Finished”. Once “Finished” and “Delivered”, the task reviewer can mark the task “Reviewed” before it is moved to the “Completed” bin.

    · Due Date and Priority: Organize and prioritize tasks via our simple Task List Interface. Tasks lists can be displayed in two organized layouts: “Group by Due Date” organizes tasks with the least time until the task is due at the top of the list. “Overdue” tasks are shown first, then tasks that are due “Today”, “Tomorrow” and less pressing due dates in descending order. “Order by Priority” is a customizable list of tasks with the highest priory tasks at the top.

    · Delegated Tasks: When you create a task that someone else will be executing, you delegate that task to a colleague or a team. “Delegated Tasks” in the Feature Grid filters those tasks that you created but delegated to someone else.

    · Real-Time Collaboration: “Online” colleagues can instantly be contacted in MangoTasks via the integrated “IM Chat Client”. Colleagues can also receive “Wall Posts” and “Private Messages” that can be read later.
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