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    This is a Locale plugin for MetaWatch Community Edition. It allows Locale (or compatible apps, such as Llama or Tasker) to display notifications and widgets on your MetaWatch smart watch.

    Requires MetaWatch Community Edition to be running.

    It currently has a choice of three functions:

    * Display a notification.
    You can specify the notification title and body text, and whether it is "sticky" (stays open until dismissed by the user)

    * Display a widget
    You can pick one of the preset widget icons, along with some text. If you want a single widget that changes icon depending on your location, then ensure you set the same Widget ID in each Locale action.

    * Enable or Disable Silent Mode
    MetaWatch-CE v1.19.0 adds a new "Silent Mode" so that notifications can be muted. This lets you enable or disable the silent mode based on your own Locale rules.

    You can also set the watch to vibrate at the same time - the three boxes define the vibration pattern - motor on (miliseconds), motor off (miliseconds), number of repeats. E.g. 500,500,3 will make the motor buzz three times, on for half a second, and off for half a second.

    Please note that this does not have a launcher icon - it must be selected as an action from within Locale. (Or compatible apps)

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