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    MicroStrategy Badge creates a mobile identity on your smartphone that replaces dated access control tools like keycards, passwords, and security tokens with a unified digital credential. The digital badge lets users unlock all key business assets with a one-tap or zero-tap experience—without sacrificing enterprise security. In addition to providing advanced authentication and access management with time, location, and biometric-based options, MicroStrategy Badge also generates critical telemetry that powers market-leading business intelligence and analytics that can be used to enhance security, streamline compliance, and improve employee, vendor, and partner engagement.

    Open doors in offices, hotel rooms, parking garages, cars
    • Tap a digital key on your phone or tablet.
    • Scan a QR code or tap a NFC tag displayed next to an entry point.
    • Use Bluetooth badge readers to authenticate users as they approach with their Bluetooth-enabled mobile device.
    • Deploy beacons near physical entryways to authenticate users who are within range.
    • Employ GPS, Bluetooth, and biometric features.
    • Quickly and cost-effectively modernize facilities access while leveraging existing enterprise physical access control systems.

    Log in to desktop applications, web apps, and VPNs
    • Scan a QR code displayed on screen.
    • Receive a push notification or one-time passcode on your phone or tablet.
    • Use Bluetooth to log in to apps on paired browsers based on proximity.
    • Leverage preconfigured out-of-the-box gateways for a variety of popular applications, including Salesforce, Dropbox, Office 365, Google Apps, and GoToMeeting.
    • Supports industry standards including SAML, OAuth, OIDC, and Kerberos, and includes Open APIs to enable partners and customers to support any system.

    Implement multifactor authentication with a variety of methods
    • Something you have—scan QR code, tap NFC tag, use a digital key, react to push notification, or interaction via proximity to Bluetooth or beacons.
    • Something you know—verification of personal identification number (PIN) or passcode.
    • Something you are—use fingerprint or facial recognition biometric authentication.
    • Geo-fencing can be used to restrict access based on location.
    • Day/time fencing can be used to restrict access based on day of the week or hours of the day.

    Gain faster, more convenient access
    • Open gates and doors using Bluetooth proximity, for truly hands-free access.
    • Add frequently used digital keys to Favorites for quick access.

    Validate identity remotely or in person
    • Time-limited codes can be used to validate identity over the phone.
    • Code can be displayed as a QR code that other users can simply scan to validate identity.

    Receive and respond to communications over the MicroStrategy Identity network
    • Receive alerts about incoming Communicator messages.
    • Use the in-app Inbox to access previously received messages.
    • Easily respond to Communicator messages.
    (Sending Communicator messages requires the MicroStrategy Communicator app and appropriate permissions.)

    Generate critical identity intelligence
    • Gain a single view of a user’s interaction with the enterprise—physical, logical, and location data is all in one place.
    • Obtain insights about user behavior, resource utilization, access data, and other user activity.
    • Identity Analytics brings data to life with interactive graphs and advanced visualizations (requires MicroStrategy Identity Analytics license).
    • Analyze business processes, improve security, and optimize performance with identity intelligence.

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