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    Kidnapping, child molestation and sex abuse—these are every parent’s worst nightmare! But as they say, prevention is the

    best protection. Using our family safety tracking app for mobile, you can monitor your children’s whereabouts and cell

    phone activities to keep them away from sex offenders on the loose. With Midon7 mobile tracking app, peace of mind is

    right in your hands! Try it now for free!

    Did your child really go to school? Leave cheer dancing practice? Or arrive to grandpa’s home? Geo Fence monitoring system

    allows you to set up virtual walls in a real-world geographic setting and be notified when your kids enter and exit these

    specific premises. Receive alerts by SMS, email or through your web account.

    SMS/Call Logs
    Worried that your child might be engaged in sexting? Worry no more! Midon7 phone monitor tool is powered with SMS tracking

    and Internet monitoring capabilities to steer clear of probable sex offenders. This mobile tracking app records all daily

    text messages, incoming and outgoing calls. Simply log into your web account to review them and verify whether or not a

    sex offender is preying on your beloved.

    Eager to know your child’s whereabouts right now? Our revolutionary mobile tracking application offers you a bird’s-eye

    view of your kid’s location, anytime and anywhere. Just send a text message to his/her cell phone and Midon7 will reply

    with your child’s exact position on a map. Customize your preferred notification method, which can be done via SMS, email

    or via your web account. This may also be set up so both parents can control their children’s locations using their mobile


    No parent would want their children anywhere near a pedophile! Fortunately, Midon7 anti-child molestation phone monitor

    tool warns you when your precious ones are near the residence of a known sex offender. If your kid’s location is less than

    150 meters to a sex offender’s registered address, Midon7 will then automatically alert you by SMS, so you can take

    appropriate measures as you deem necessary.

    We provide instant alert via SMS, Email or Web Notification about each and every new installed application in your child's

    phone. Midon7 eases your concerns by providing you current download activities in your child's phone.

    After installing Midon7 Stealth application, you will be able to have full control and access of the targeted phone from

    your web account.App remains invisible to the eye.

    If your child tries to uninstall Midon7 from his/her phone then we will alert you immediately via Email at your primary

    and secondary email addresses.

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