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    LED Miss Call & SMS Torch Alert will notify you when you have missed call or text message by flashing your screen. This idea solves the problem with phones which has no LED or problem with phones which have almost unnoticeable LED. Now you will know if you have missed call or sms just by looking at your screen!

    Where is our app useful?

    Example 1:

    You just got a call and you didn't answer it because your phone was in another room. When you enter the room, you will instantly know that somebody called you, just by looking at the reminding screen of your device.

    Example 2:

    You are in loud environment and just got a SMS message, while your device is in your pocket. You can't hear the poor notification reminder sound and (obviously) can't see the flashing screen, but our app will notify you that you have unread SMS message by vibrating or making notification sounds periodically. You can then take out your device from your pocket and send sms back.

    PLEASE NOTE: This application does not yet support alerts from third party applications. ONLY Missed Call and SMS Alert reminders

    Additionally if you wish to improve LED Notification Torch Alert with some new features or reminders, send us a note and we will consider your suggestion.

    App features:

    - Flashing screen reminder on missed call / SMS
    - Raise brightness option which makes your screen even more noticable
    - You will know exactly how many unread SMS messages or missed calls you have
    - Get notified who called or sent you SMS just by tapping on desired icon
    - Optional you can read SMS message directly from the app
    - "Act like LED" option allows you to show missed calls / SMS messages until they are not checked as seen
    - Customize flashing delay (ON, OFF)
    - Create your own color for particular notification
    - Choose over 16 million colors to make LED Miss Call & SMS Torch Alert even more beautiful
    - Lots of options who will make the app stop when YOU wish ( and therefore save battery )
    - Our app will notify you about new notification by vibrating or making a sound periodically - besides flashing your screen!

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