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    “Smartphone becomes smarter.”
    MobiRim is the app work with the Chrome Extension program “mobiRim” for easy smartphone management and sync data.

    mobiRim for Chrome
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    If you would install MobiRim Android app on your smartphone and Chrome Extension program on your PC, you can control your smartphone and share files and web pages in your browser.

    Smartphone Management
    Get incoming call alert and SMS notify on your PC.
    Change sound setting (Bell, Vibrate, and Silent) of your Smartphone.
    In case of the device lost, you can set your smartphone’s password and lock the screen remotely.
    If your smartphone is out of sight, you can play an alert sound to find it.

    Location Tracker
    Check your smartphone’s current location.
    Store tracked locations using user configurable interval.

    Sharing Data
    Check pictures and files of your smartphone on your PC wirelessly.
    Send a webpage you read on your smartphone to the PC instantly.
    Share Data between your PC and the Mobile conveniently.
    Send files on the PC to your smartphone wirelessly.
    Share a webpage you read to your smartphone and view it instantly.
    mobiRim does not require additional sign up. You can login by your Google account to using all of our services.
    mobiRim is only run by the user’s request after initialize.
    mobiRim is free of charge.

    With “mobiRim” android app and Chrome extension, everyone can enjoy all of these features.

    Support Languages
    English, Korean

    System requirement
    · Android 2.3 - 4.1

    Important alerts!
    You need to accept a Device administrator permission request for using password setting function.

    To uninstall mobiRim App, you need to disable Device administrator of mobiRim. You can change this in [Settings] -> [Security] -> [Device administrators] -> uncheck [mobiRim].

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