Multi Touch Pad for Windows

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    *This application has the high dependence to hardware. First of all, please check an operation with the trial version of "Desktop Controller for Windows".

    "Windows Multi Touch Pad" is an App which can do the multi-touch operation on Windows by your SmartPhone and Tablet.

    It displays a desktop screen on your device. Images are WebM streaming with NDK decoding and GPU rendering. So, its response is fast. However, you can disable a screen capture if you don't need it. It displays a grid or a central circle then.

    You can choose LAN which can send much data, or energy-saving Bluetooth for communication.

    Supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP(XP is 32bit only). It becomes a single touch operation by the digitizer on Windows Vista and a single touch operation by the mouse on Windows XP.

    You need to install the client software for transmitting and receiving operation data to your PC. Client software is free from [].

    HTML5 is used for the user interface of setting. Unless it has validated the standard browser of OS, these do not work properly.

    Bluetooth connection is developed on condition that it operates with the default driver of Windows(Microsoft Stack). When connection fails, please uninstall a third party Bluetooth driver.

    ARM compatible processor is required to the capture function. Intel Atom is not supported.

    Not support multi-display environment.

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