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    Have you been in a situation, where your phone rings but it suppose to be silent? If yes then Mute Event is for you.

    Mute Event can turn your phone in SILENT mode automatically based on your Google calendar events.
    This is 1 tap, handy app that can be useful to automatically turn your phone into silent mode for meeting events, lecture time, or any other event where phone needs to be silent and you do not want to remember to keep your phone into silent mode manually.

    - Create Calendar (Google Calendar) entry .
    - Assign time slot for it.
    - Make sure to mark event as BUSY.
    - As soon as event time finish, app will turn back your phone into normal Ring/Vibrate mode.
    - Best part it's absolutely FREE and NO ADS.

    - For events those marked as AVAILABLE, Mute Event app won't affect your phone ring profile.
    - Also make sure you allocate time (don't choose - all day) for your meeting for busy event, otherwise app will keep your phone into Silent mode for entire day.
    - Works better with Google Calendar app.

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    Hope you like this Event Mute app.

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