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    Will you have more than one account?
    I no longer remember the account will increase. Anxiety is a security If you leave all the same account name and password and notes. At that time, this app can help.
    Since the mushroom is available, you will be able to enter the account / password easily with one hand.
    It is safe because the data is all stored encrypted. Also, since you can set the comments to each account, you can respond to that, "said? Did I for this account."

    Because it corresponds to the menu "Share page" standard browser, you can also use when creating a new account. In this case, URL in comments, "the title of the page" in the title.

    Please enjoy our ubiquitous environment, So comfortable.

    • Encryption
    • Supports mushroom
    • "Share page" of a standard browser
    • Automatic creation and password
    • Import
    • Export※
    • Master Password Reset

    ※ Please secure management of export, will be saved in plain text.