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    This app monitors both existing and new events added to device's built in calendar application and puts your phone in silent/vibrate mode when you are in meetings. It has the capability of detecting all calendars including synched calendars on your gmail account (if your calendar is synced to your phone, it will be available for this app to monitor).

    The user is able to select all or some calendars to monitor/sleep on and to give the user even more control, the user can also un-check specific meetings in monitored calendars so your phone stays awake during those times.

    From what I can tell, this is a unique app. Most other silencer apps do not hook into your main Calendar app, but require you to add your own schedules all over again. Furthermore, most users are still using Android 2.2 or 2.3. This calendar app uses source code from 4.0.3 to implement this functionality on older phones.

    Further, this app has a new feature to send SMS to Email (when only in silent mode or always). This is in case you have your phone on silent and would like to get an email in outlook so you don't miss the sms.

    This app is still beta.

    Please note, nothing is stored on our servers. In fact, this app does not connect to our servers at all.

    New permissions: Internet permission is required to send emails for the SMS-to-Email option. Contact permission is to get the SMS sender's contact name so the sender is recognized when reading the email. Read SMS is to get the SMS content into the email for SMS-to-Email.

    Comments/feedback are always welcome!

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