MyStamford gives citizens unprecedented access to their city's request and issue management system. Citizens can use MyStamford to report issues to city hall and check on issue resolution.

    Reporting an issue to the city is easy. You select an issue type from the list of services your city provides. Once you select a service type you can customize your request by adding a detailed description and a picture if applicable. Adding an image helps city hall prioritize the issue and get you resolution faster than without a picture.

    Checking on a request status is easy, too. You can view a list of recent issues city hall is dealing with. You can get even more information about an issue by selecting it from the list to see all its details.

    If you want to give city hall the opportunity to follow up with you, you can provide your contact information to be submitted with each request you make. Providing contact information is voluntary and is used only by city hall. Other MyStamford users do not have access to this information.