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    Unleash the power of Android notifications with n'4get Reminder. Never forget another birthday, watering flowers or other everyday tasks. It functions as a "note to yourself", to-do list or task planner and is highly customizable.

    80+ icons, sound, vibration, LED, turn screen on, sticky
    Repeating, on a date or instant reminder
    Snooze, insisting
    Import of birthdays and anniversaries from contacts
    Vibration pattern
    Dark and light themes

    n'4get Reminder is great use for everyone who sometimes forgets important tasks.

    Never Forget Birthdays!
    Birthdays and anniversaries are imported from contacts/phone book. If available, the reminder may give you the age that person will turn. 

    Never Forget to Bring Flowers!
    Two different home screen widgets are available. The n4get bar widget is for next reminders. The bigger n4get list widget shows more reminders and can be resized.

    Never Forget Your Everyday Tasks!
    A fun way to customize reminders are vibration pattern. Create your own pattern by tapping and holding the screen for a few seconds. There are also stock vibrations included.

    Never Forget Anniversaries!
    If you want to buy time to complete tasks, hit the snooze button and it will bug you again later. You can also create insisting reminders. Those keep alarming you again and again until you have finished the task.

    An easy way to organize reminders are groups. Reminders that share one group are displayed together and can also have their own home screen widget. This makes it easier to access a growing number of reminders.

    Never Forget to Clean the Coffee Machine!
    There are two backup options included. Either export your data to the SD card and import it later, or trust Android's Backup Agent integration to do the work. The Backup Agent stores data online with your Google account and restores everything when reinstalling after a firmware update or when moving to a new device. It's very easy to use, but may fail when moving from one network provider to another. See your phone's preferences for details.

    The app comes with two great looking holo themes (dark theme and light theme). 

    The user interface is also optimized for the use on tablet devices and runs smoothly on 7" and 10” screens. n'4get Reminder uses only a limited amount of system resources and does not drain the battery, even with a large number of reminders in place.

    n'4get Reminder comes with ads at the bottom of the screen and you can unlock 38 new icons and 12 stock vibration pattern in the pro version. Please use the in-app purchases or download the n'4get Reminder Pro version from the Play Store.

    Currently available languages: English, German, French, Polish, Hungarian. Join the open translation project to add your language to the list!

    Thank you for everyone putting work into the translation, special thanks go to:
    David Deichler - Hungarian translation
    Krzysztof Klimaszewski - Polish Translation
    Andor Krauss - Dutch Translation

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    lei foster

    by lei foster

    Apr 08, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Love this app. I use it to remind me to take medication at prescribed times, and to nag me when i forget. I've found that the app needs to be set to autostart for after i've killed it along with everything else. Autostart doesn't seem to be native in the app, but it might just be that i'm missing something. Definitely five stars though, as i can't fault it and in fact rely on it.

    Nicholas Ring

    by Nicholas Ring

    Mar 12, 2017  |  "Good"

    Nice place to remind you of events but the notification of events is a bit lacking. It mainly only notifies me after a reboot (sometimes), otherwise no notification. Get this working right, and it will get five stars

    Mary Wimbley

    by Mary Wimbley

    Mar 04, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    I first discovered this app a couple of years ago in the Amazon app store. I loved it then, and it's even better now!

    Kelly Madison

    by Kelly Madison

    Feb 14, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    I like it

    Marie Pascale Daoust

    by Marie Pascale Daoust

    Feb 05, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Is there any way to setup multiple reminders before the date for one specific event? App is a little confusing to me..

    Mohsin Javef

    by Mohsin Javef

    Jan 19, 2017  |  "OK"

    If you some add options for reminder call reminder and themes look for weight it's great app