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NEC Mobile Security

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    NEC Mobile Security is the most advanced integrated security solutions for Android devices. It covers from antivirus to device resource management provided via the cloud. Its various functions protect against threats to your Android device!

    The regular price of JPY 2,400/year, tax excl.
    [Each initial subscription is 1 year, with optional renewal. All fees are nonrefundable]
    [Price and Specifications on this statement are subject to change without notice]

    [Main features and merits]
    The security feature with high security, low impact and high-speed scan
    ・The high site cover rate is realized with three kinds of evaluation methods such as IP Evaluation, Web Evaluation and Grading contents. So that, accesses to harmful sites are certainly blocked. (URL filtering covers 310 million sites)
    ・When this application sits in the background, the other operations are not disturbed, because the memory usage is very low.

    ・Automatically scans your apps and files for viruses, spyware, Trojans
    ・Android antivirus security shields block malware
    ・Alerts you when your device and settings are vulnerable to attack
    ・Scan is executed at the time of inserting an SD card

    ・Automatically scans web links and URLs to block phishing and other harmful content.

    ・Remote Access - Use your Mobile Security Portal ( or another mobile device to remotely lock, wipe, or locate your device
    ・Device Lock & Wipe - Remotely locks your Android mobile device or wipes your data in your device
    ・Device Scream - Sounds a mobile security alert to help you locate your Android device nearby
    ・Device Locate - See your device's location on a map
    ・SIM Card Lock - Automatically locks your Android device when your SIM card is removed

    ・Spam blocking - Blocks text spam and unwanted calls
    ・Virus blocking - Automatically blocks messages containing malicious URLs

    ・Application management support feature to enhance the security of installed applications in cooperation with advice feature.
    ・Battery Monitor provides battery status and power usage by apps
    ・Network Monitor provides details of apps that are accessing the network

    [SUPPORT (after your purchase)]
    If you have any queries about NEC Mobile Security application, please contact the Support Desk.(
    (9 a.m. to 5 p.m., during normal working day in Japan. Support is available only in Japanese language.)
    Due to the proof of identity, it takes time for your support.

    [INQUIRIES for service information (before your purchase)]
    If you have any queries about NEC Mobile Security information, please contact the Information Desk.(

    *If your device is lost or stolen, the following conditions are required in order to use remote control from the online portal site.
     ・Android operating system version 2.2 or higher
     ・You will need to sign in to the googlePlay (ex. Android Market) installed in the device
     ・Wi-Fi connection or domestic 3G data connection required for some features
    *Under the environment where you can not receive SMS, the remote control from the other phone is not supported.
    *In devices without GPS functions, the location information acquisition function will not work.
    *If you use other than the default Android browser then the secure browsing feature will not work.
    *If you use other than the default Android SMS client then the remote control from the other mobile phone will not work.
    *Since SIM Card Lock of Lost Device Protection is available only for GSM phones, this is not displayed on CDMA phones.
    *Your password, e-mail address and/or Key cord are required to unlock the device. Please keep your password, e-mail and/or key-code carefully. And we recommend taking a data back up for your device periodically.

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