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    The Neuro-Attention app is a powerful self-help and mind management tool that is designed to:
    -enhance concentration,
    -encourage new mental connections and new ideas,
    -improve focus on creative tasks.

    The application generates audio sessions that modulate in special frequencies. These frequencies change and optimize your brainwave patterns in such a way that the capacity of the brain to focus can be enhanced. Simply: Neuro-Attention tunes up your brain so it is much easier for you to concentrate, come up with new ideas or be more creative.

    Neuro-Attention can prove an extremely helpful tool in any situation that requires concentration, such as: studying, reading, writing, taking a test, brainstorming, creating something, etc.

    Neuro–Attention is recommended for anyone who needs to concentrate, especially students, people who work in the creative industries and need to develop ideas, or even keen readers.

    Neuro-Attention is powered by Neuroprammer 3 – professional software used by psychologists and psychiatrists.

    The Neuro-Attention app is safe and there is no risk related to extended use.

    To use it you just need your mobile phone, tablet or ipod connected with headphones.

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