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    ✩ New Emoji Keyboard ✩

    ••• Features •••
    ♠ New Emoji icons were out on "Whatsapp". Somebody call them Emoji 2. Had you even seen any of them and you find no way to type them?

    ♠ Support Android Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), and Jelly Bean (From version 2.1-4.1+)

    ♠ You could now typing the new icons by using the "New Emoji Keyboard". Try this out and you could enjoy typing 800+ Emoji icons on "Whatsapp".

    ♠ You could send the SMS contains new emoji to iPhone handset also by using this keyboard. (Note that you cannot see the icon display normally and you only see a blank message in your SMS, but the iPhone's SMS receiver (iOS 5+) could see the icons)

    ♠ Swipe on the Emoji keyboard or pressing "<" or ">" for changing page.

    ♠ Allow default using Emoji keyboard or disable all other keyboard layout

    ♠ Support German Keyboard

    ♠ Support Swedish Keyboard

    ♠ Customizable key size, vibration duration

    ♠ Swipe left/right change Emoji pages, swipe down to minimize the keyboard and swipe for selecting other IME

    ♠ Voice input (Android 4.0+ only) - Long press on "close" button to activate

    ••• How to Use •••
    Step1 ➔ Go to "Setting > Language & Keyboard"
    Step2 ➔ Tick "New Emoji Keyboard"
    Step3 ➔ Tap on the textbox, then any keyboard appears
    ✷ Android 2.x, Long press the field and switch the keyboard to "New Emoji Keyboard"
    ✷ Android 3.x, switch keyboard to "New Emoji Keyboard" by type the keyboard switcher icon on the bottom
    ✷ Android 4.x, Pull the notification down and select "Select input method" to switch the keyboard to "New Emoji Keyboard"

    ♠ The android style Emoji could be displayed anywhere if you are now running 4.1 Jelly Bean above, otherwise...
    ♠ The keyboard is for typing on Whatsapp only, you cannot see the icon typed if you use it on other apps
    ♠ Support only Android Whatsapp version 2.8.1910+ (Which was August 2012 updates)
    ♠ The emoji can be displayed on Apple device if the recipient using iOS 5+ (Both Whatsapp and SMS can be displayed)

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