NiggleMe: Super Simple Timer




    A super simple timer that niggles you till you act! Press a single button and you'll remember TV shows, cooking times, or to call someone back. You'll love how easy and useful NiggleMe is!

    It's super easy to set a reminder - a single tap. And it reminds you whatever app you're in.

    You can use it for:
    - cook time reminders
    - picking up the kids
    - ending meetings on time
    - calling someone back
    - a pomodoro timer

    NiggleMe has very simple controls - you tap a button to start a countdown timer that rings off in 5 minutes time, an hour away, or on the hour. You can adjust the reminder time by tapping buttons to add more minutes.

    When the time is up, NiggleMe will remind you in a tone that you've chosen. It will continue to niggle you every minute until you stop the alarm.

    With awesome graphics, sounds and a choice of alarm tones, the NiggleMe timer is the easiest way to set an alarm or reminder - tap, and you're done!

    NiggleMe is
    - Free
    - Only 5.7mb, downloads quick!
    - And super simple to use

    The free app has only one alarm. In app purchase unlocks ten alarms. To purchase, tap the + button on the lower right corner.

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    If you're having problems with NiggleMe, please email us at and we will help you.

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