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    Published: 2014-03-11, by Manu Galvez.

    Get your mobile notifications pushed to your desktop browser

    • Useful
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    • Intuitive
    • It should support more browsers or release a desktop version

    "Don't miss important notifications"

    NOTE: This app works with a Chrome extension

    Did you miss an important notification because you were too dazed looking at your desktop computer display? That's not going to happen anymore with Björn Vermeule's Notifications . It syncs the push notifications on your mobile phone and sends it to your desktop via a Chrome extension.

    Thus, you have to download and install Notifications on your mobile phone and then download and install its Chrome extension. Follow the steps to set it up (it won't take more than a minute) and you will be ready to go.

    Whatsapp messages, e-mails, SMS, hangouts chats... Whatever is pushed to your notification drawer, pop ups in your desktop browser in a matter of seconds. That easy.

    You can then set custom timeout for specific applications or completely hide the notifications for those apps.

    The only catch of the app is that it should either support other browsers or a desktop version to work for everybody.

    Regardless, a really useful app.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Mar 11, 2014


    Notifications+ sends notifications from your Android devices to your Google Chrome browser.

    Please note that this Android app needs the following Google Chrome extension:

    Work/privacy mode
    This mode will neutralize the title and body of your notifications. Use this if you want to be notified but don’t want to expose actual messages (for instance at work).

    Create profiles based on WiFi access points
    Enable and disable notifications or enable work/privacy mode for specific WiFi access points.

    Using Google Cloud Messaging
    Notifications+ uses Google Cloud Messaging for Chrome to deliver notifications to your Google Chrome browser. Google Cloud Messaging for Android is used to send messages from Google Chrome back to your Android devices.

    All notifications are fully encrypted
    Your notifications are encrypted using AES256 with GCM authentication. The password you specify is not stored on any servers and are only saved locally on your Android devices and Google Chrome browser. A key is derived from your password using PBKDF2 key derivation.

    Dismiss Android notifications via Chrome (Android 4.3+ only)
    Close the notification on your computer to dismiss the notification on all your Android devices.

    Individual notification timeouts in Chrome
    Choose to automatically close certain notifications in Chrome (like instant messages) or keep certain notifications around longer (like work e-mails).

    Easy registration
    The Android app and Chrome extension only ask to verify your e-mail. No need to register a separate account.

    Support for multiple Android devices
    Got a work and personal phone? No problem. Send notifications from both devices to your Google Chrome browser.

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