Novo ShareNet




    The Novo ShareNet App is a companion app to the subscription based Novo ShareNet Cloud Platform. It provides the following benefits:

    -Quick and convenient access to Novo ShareNet Cloud apps
    -Barcode Scanning capability with the camera on your mobile device (requires an auto-focus camera)

    The Barcode scanning features of this app simplify how you track and manage assets when using the Novo ShareNet Assets cloud app. When displaying a list of Assets, simply tap on the Barcode scanner icon. This will allow you to scan an asset’s Barcode and find it automatically in the system. When adding new assets, Barcodes can be scanned into the asset record. Pictures can also be taken and attached to the asset.

    Supported Barcodes:

    1D Barcodes:
    -UPC-A and UPC-E,
    -EAN-8 and EAN-13,
    -Code 39,
    -Code 128 (Novo recommended 1D Barcode for Asset Tracking)

    2D Barcodes:
    -QR Code (Novo recommended 2D Barcode for Asset Tracking)

    NOTE: Scanning Barcodes requires an auto-focus camera. Some QR Codes can be scanned without an auto-focus camera but only devices with auto-focus cameras are supported.

    Many Android based Smart Phones have auto-focus cameras. To determine if your device has an auto-focus camera try taking a picture of a 1D Barcode or a document. If you can see the lines or text coming into focus then you most likely have an auto-focus camera. Check your device manufacturer’s specifications for further details.

    Developed and Supported By Novo Solutions, Inc.