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    When this app turned on, this app will emerge on the status bar (Notification bar)
    and you can use this app to write memos such as your "To do list" which can be seen on the status bar.
    Normally, Android smart phones require you to swipe the status bar to open it, but once you install this app, you will never to swipe anymore just to open your notification bar.
    Now you can just touch the icon with your finger and the status bar would automatically open. You can easily control the status bar with just one hand.
    When you want to close the status bar, please push the back button [<-]

    [Feature and Function]
    this can open the status bar (notification bar) with one hand
    you can record three memos in the bar (maximum 140 letters)
    As long as there is a memo, the icon will be displayed on the notification bar
    If there is nothing in the memo, the icon will never emerge.
    If you only want to use the function just to open the status bar, please install the other app “OPEN NOTIFICATIONS”.
    *Internet accesses are advertisement only

    -The letter limitation has been increased from 40 to 140 letters.
    -The fix menu will emerge when you tap the menu button.
    -Added font color and background color in the fix menu.
    -Added a widget device
    -Correspondence for Docomo SH-03C(LYNX 3D)-
    -Added only the function of the open status bar to widget.

    -Reduced the icon to indicate the notification.
    -Could make the status bar disappear.
    -Added an action menu (share, copy, paste, calendar, date input, clear)
    -Added the screen to make sure the lump deleted data.
    -Made the memo not on display when it is turned on from open status widget.
    -Revised the matter not to work on Android 1.6/2.1

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