Pad Footing Design

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    This is a shallow foundation design application. The user can provide both Metric and Imperial units and can be used in all over the world.You can input the actions (Axial/ Shear forces and Moment), concrete and soil strengths. The application is going to solve three equations up to the forth order and find the exact dimensions of the footing. The app designs the appropriate dimensions of the foundation that satisfy the requirements of small eccentricity for the applied load, not excess bearing stresses in the soil but also overturning resistance.
    After the Dimensions of the footing are designed the reinforcement mat is calculated and the best mat is going to be chosen for you. Then the application checks for punching shear reinforcement which is usually necessary for very large axial forces on relatively thin pads. In case that the punching resistance of the structure is not adequate proper punching shear checks are made and the application lists and depicts all the appropriate reinforcement perimeters with what diameter bars and spacing on each perimeter.
    The next step is to provide the ground stresses,the settlements and the rotations of the pad for your consideration and checking.
    The application is unique it utilizes the method of Newton-Raphson in order to find which is the exact dimension that fulfills all the stress and eccentricity requirements in order to provide the most economic solution for you. As we are very experienced professionals we know that the cost of over designed foundations affects directly the overall cost and is highly important to utilize strong computational methods in order to find the one exact solution that is the smallest possible to fulfill the safety requirements.
    The program is able to be used for very severe foundation designs such as tower crane bases or bridge
    piers and up to normal building foundations.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or suggestions.

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