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    I am one of those people that tried to use unique passwords for all of my accounts but ultimately I would constantly forget the passwords and end up resetting them to something I had used before.

    PassMaster changes everything. I now have a unique and random password for every account encrypted along with my usernames in my personal PassMaster Vault. One thing that I particularly like is that I never needed to create another account to get started. All it took is for me to remember one password. PassMaster took care of the rest.

    Retrieving passwords from PassMaster is a breeze. I can either display them on screen, or copy one to the clipboard and then paste directly into my favourite website. The clipboard even automatically clears so I don't need to worry about them staying around too long.

    Another great feature is that the PassMaster Vault is stored on my device. It makes me feel better knowing exactly where it is. There is also a backup function which allows me to keep a copy of all my passwords in a safe place.

    Ultimately it is the little things that count. Being able to change the lock screen background to my favourite photo was a nice touch.

    PassMaster is going to be one of those UtileApps that remains with me for many years to come. It really is simple to use and does everything I could ask of it.

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