Passrem Lite




    Tired of re-signing in at your favorites web sites, because you don’t remember your password or your user name?

    With this app you can keep securely all your usernames and passwords and recover them easily.

    Extremely simple to use!!

    You only have to remember one password, with it you can access to all your passwords, pin numbers and all your confidential information.

    You can organize your accounts as you like, filling up the form and clicking OK, as easy as that!

    Then you can recover them when you need, and important!!! , you can make a back-up of them on your pc.

    This version lets you create 10 accounts in each group. The paid version has no limits

    All the information is encrypted and is stored so, using AES-256 encryption algorithm and your unique password is the encryption key.

    No information is send; the only connection to Internet is to get ads, so you have to give permission for access to INTERNET. You also need the permission to write the backup file.

    If your terminal is lost……. nobody can access your passwords.

    And …. what happens if you change your terminal? Just recover your information from your backup.

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