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    Sometimes, you might find some good idea from varies pdf, but revisiting pdf and re-read the whole chapters to look for those good points could be very time consuming.

    Don't just left good idea there while reading pdf. The app take a different approach to collect key points from annotation as provided in other good apps. The app is a special pdf viewer that let you capture key points from pdf pages conveniently by hand dragging to highlight area, and saved to notebooks.You therefore could save lot of time to review good ideas collected from varies pdf simply by reading notebooks.

    Please watch our short promo video regarding why and how to use the app.


    -press hand button to start highlight area of pdf page to capture. Then simply choose a notebook to save the highlight area to.

    -press hand button with red cross to cancel highlighting area of pdf page if necessary.

    We believe the app could be helpful to anyone who need to retain good ideas from pdf in time efficient manner.