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    Published: 2013-07-18, by Manu Galvez.

    Pearltrees is an app to collect, organize and share everything you like

    • Original
    • User-friendly interface
    • Elegant
    • Sharing options
    • Highly configurable
    • Early times (needs more users)

    "Cultivate your interests"

    This isn't a new concept of app but lays out a new way to collect, organize and share any content you like. You can add content (videos, pics, websites, profiles,... you name it) to your profile as pearls linked to others and setting up your own network of interests. It's true, there are other apps or websites focus on providing tools to organize all the content you like in a single site. The point with Pearltrees is precisely the original and visual way of making it.

    Once you've signed up, you can start adding pearltrees and pearls to them. Thus, you can add webpages, notes, photos, gallery of photos, and even apps to your trees. Profiles are public by default (you can change privacy settings), so others can see your interests and add your pearls to their own trees. In addition, you can add friends to discover things they like and even team-up on your favorite topics.

    Pearltree isn't just a platform to "show off" your interests. They provide an intuitive interface to find and access your favorite content easily. What's more, it works as a social network: you can comment on others' profile, message them, edit your own profile and interact with millions of users in multiple ways.

    Did you get it? Well, it's hard to explain this way: I encourage you to download the app (it's free after all) and get it a chance. It can leave no one feeling indifferent

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Jul 18, 2013


    Save bookmarks, documents, files, ebooks, PDF, photos, notes and more. Organize them into meaningful collections. Discover and share millions of contents on your favorite topics. With Pearltrees, access all your interests anywhere, anytime!

    Dedicated versions of Pearltrees also exist for schools and entreprises.

    Media says:
    "The most elegant and visual way of collecting and sharing online content". The Next Web
    "Pearltrees puts a library in your pocket" Digital Trends
    "This app makes a wonderful experience navigating the collections" Forbes
    "Pearltrees, a unique way to discover and organize” Down the avenue
    "It’s a very smooth experience that makes it easy to collect and organize contents” Techcrunch

    Have everything you like at your fingertips
    Access your collections from anywhere: computers, tablets and mobiles
    Keep everything you like: favorite books, comics, pieces of art, movies, photos, tutorials
     Organize everything you need at home, at work or on the go : papers, documents, pdf
    Browse your favorite things blazingly fast: tech blog posts, design news, book critics, movie synopsis
    Explore millions of topics through others’ collections: tech, politics, design, education, art, books
    Collaborate on your favorite topics : Literature, epub, travel, manga or comics
    Give more meaning to your collections by creating sections
    Edit and annotate the webpages you collect in Pearltrees
    Add illustrations to any item
    Share all of this!

    Pearltrees can be useful in many situations:

    Personal life: Tech enthusiast? Organize all your favorite blog posts and explore the collections of other tech addicts. Love design? Create beautiful trend books, select the best pieces of architecture, photos and graphic design and organize them in collections you can reorganize as you like. Love to travel? Organize your plans, list the places you want to visit, save ebooks you want to read during long flights and organize the photos you shot all around the world.  If you can’t stop watching movies, select the selections of your very best with your friends, organize them by movie directors and explore the selections of other movie fans. If reading is your thing you can use Pearltrees to store all your epubs, ebooks and OPDS to share them with other literature enthusiasts.

    Work: On Pearltrees you can collaborate with your colleagues to manage knowledge efficiently, mutualize best practices, and share notes across your entire company.  It's easy to create presentations using web content and share documents and files with your audience. You can use private teams to share legal papers and store them securely.

    Education: Pearltrees is now one of the most used tools by teachers and students. Whether it is history, art, math, social or computer science, teachers use Pearltrees to select and organize documents, tutorials and exercises that are essential for creating their courses. They can then share their digital library with students so they have easy access to everything they need to know. Students can organize their research and collaborate on their digital library to learn by themselves. Pearltrees is one of the favorite apps in the education sector.

    Get the most out of your device with Pearltrees:
    - Upload your photos, papers or any types of documents from your phone and organize them later on your computer or your tablet to save storage space on your mobile devices.
    - Pearltrees is compatible with all major mobile platforms so you can send anything cross-platform (photos, papers, notes, documents, word documents and more).
    - Don’t lose access to your favorite websites and notes when you are offline
    - Organize and retrieve your files stored in Google Drive very easily

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