Pet Care

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    Manage your pet cost effectively in a hassle free manner with Pet Care.

    This simple app lets you keep a complete record of your pet. A Daily Schedule list and a Reminder sheet has been provided, along with a Health and Medical record and a Supplies List.

    The Daily Schedule sheet helps you organise the daily requirements of your pet. Various activities can be tracked here to serve as reminders, like feeding, walking, etc. A checkmark feature has also been provided to help you quickly summarise the activities completed from the activities left.

    The Reminder sheet provides a means to plan the long term events and activities regarding your pet. We expect that these could range from health checkups, to changing feeding patterns, etc. The “Priority” section has been added to help you in prioritising these events. You can attach priorities by writing “high” or “low”, etc. Next to the events.

    The Health Record sheet summarises the Immunization history of your pet. A medication log has also been provided that helps you to track the medication dosage on a date-by-date basis. You can also add any known allergies or conditions.

    The Medical Log sheet allows you to keep a comprehensive medical track of your pet. You can add the symptoms and the on going treatment (if any) on a daily basis. The notes section allows you to keep daily notes regarding the symptoms/treatment.

    The Supplies list helps you to add and edit the different supplies that you might need in managing your pet. You can add the name along with the required quantity in this sheet. This has been intended as a shopping checklist.

    We have added simple sharing capabilities like email and print for all the sheets to help you make the efforts a collaborative endeavour. We hope you find our simple app productive and would like to hear your comments.