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    ...'qwerty, 12345, iloveyou, Password 1, password 2, password 3'... tooooo much !
    We have a lot of passwords and secret codes to be remembered... for our pc, laptop, phones, web sites, banking services and so on...
    Often we have to set a new password and we don't know what to input...
    Infact, based on common IT Security best practices we need to use always different passwords, long, having many alphanumeric characters to reduce risks and prevent hacking attacks.
    Thanks to this app, now we can solve this problem. How ? Simply using Cryptography.

    P.G.C.S. (Password Generator, Crypting and Storage) help us to set or generate random passwords, crypt and store them. Now, we need only one secret word (seed) to be remembered. It will be used to crypt/decrypt all our passwords.

    P.G.C.S. uses the most famous cryptographic algorithms (DES, Triple-DES, AES, Rinjael, Blowfish, RC4, etc.) to generate secret keys and crypt our password items whit them.
    Now we can get available - easily and safety - on our smartphone all passwords we want, without remember anyone.

    Even if an hacker would go into our e-device he can stole nothing... even if we would loose our smartphone ... our secret passwords are safe thanks to secret seed, best algorithms and strong keys that P.G.C.S. engine uses !

    Forget all your secret words. Just focus on two words: "try it" !

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