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    Published: 2014-02-28, by Peter Warrior.

    An app to divert incoming communications when needed

    • Smart use of network funcioning
    • Wide array of options
    • Unintuitive settings

    "Redirect calls and SMSs to wherever, whenever."

    There are sometimes when mobile devices play dirty tricks on us and what it had to be something easy becomes something infinitely more complicated because of a rebel device who's doing its best to run out of battery or avoid signal detection. Fortunately, this kind of misbehavior can be predicted and you can act accordingly beforehand.

    Phonnix tries to solve many of those usual problems caused by the bad habit that communication devices have to leave you incommunicated. First off, you can activate the option to redirect calls to a second phone of yours or to any computer with the tie-in add-on.

    Likewise, SMS can be resent to your email, Evernote or even to your Facebook account (landing on the private message inbox)

    Lastly, the app includes some additional features to remotely control your device.

    On the other hand, it might be that this app isn't suited for everyone, because it requires to deploy a device on host mode (or install the plug-in on your computer) while the other, the 'slave' one must activate the "client" mode. Both modes are activated through the app, but it would be handy you practice first just in case you don't face an emergency and have to set it up for the first time.

    Regarding this, perhaps the option is that which allows to automatically initiate the app when battery is about to expire, so henceforth all calls and SMSs are redirected to wherever you previously specified.

    Anyway, a extremely useful app whose only flaw is its unintuitive mechanics and the need to toy with it for a brief while before actually trusting it important stuff.

    Recommended for people really living on the fly, or anyone who feels that it can be handy to have always ready a B plan.

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    Peter Appszoom logo

    by Peter , Appszoom

    Feb 28, 2014


    What if you could answer your calls on a tablet or PC before calls go to voicemail?

    Phonnix Voicemail does exactly that so next time you forget your mobile at home or if you're almost out of battery you can still answer your calls?

    Install Phonnix Voicemail on your smartphone in Host Mode and run in Client Mode on your secondary Android device.

    First you need to activate conditional call forwarding to forward your missed calls to Phonnix*

    What can you do with Phonnix?

    - Deep voicemail integration with Android OS
    - Answer calls on another Browser or another device running Phonnix
    - Receive SMS and Call Notifications on another Android smartphone or tablet (Client Mode)
    - Receive SMS and Call Notifications on Facebook
    - Download files from device remotely
    - List and kill applications
    - Manage devices that connect to Host
    - Synchronize SMS with Evernote
    - Email notifications

    * Service might not be available in your country

    - Internet connection (3G or Wifi)
    - Android smartphone running in Host Mode
    - Android smartphone or tablet running in Client Mode or desktop browser
    - A Google account (Facebook account optional)

    NOTE: Call Forwarding might not be available depending on operator or plan, sometimes pre-paid plans don't have call forwarding available or you might have to enable call forwarding before you can divert your call from your phone. By default Phonnix uses GSM call forwarding codes to divert calls. For US carriers and some other countries you might have to change your settings. Charges may apply!


    Phonnix requires a fairly large amount of permissions to the user, and this is why the application needs it:

    CALL_PHONE - Access Call Forwarding functionality
    C2D_MESSAGE - Google Cloud Messaging
    INTERNET - Full Internet Access to communicate to servers
    GET_ACCOUNTS - Access Google accounts
    MANAGE_ACCOUNTS - Create Google account if necessary
    USE_CREDENTIALS - Use Google account credentials to identify user
    READ_CONTACTS - Access Address Book
    WRITE_CONTACTS - Set Favorites
    SEND_SMS - Send SMS
    RECEIVE_SMS - Receive SMS Notifications
    WAKE_LOCK - Keep phone awake
    READ_PHONE_STATE - Access call Log, incoming call notifications
    WRITE_PHONE_STATE - Set calls as read
    ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Access current location of device
    ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - Access current wifi state (on/off)
    CHANGE_WIFI_STATE - Change current wifi state (on/off)
    ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Access current mobile network state (on/off)
    CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE - Change current mobile network state (on/off)
    RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - Start application after reboot (configurable)
    VIBRATE - Vibrate on incoming calls
    RECORD_AUDIO - necessary to make calls
    MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS - necessary to make calls
    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Temporary storage for downloaded files
    KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES - Stop applications in background
    ADD_VOICEMAIL - Add deep voicemail integration
    BILLING - In-app purchases

    We're still in BETA so please be patient and share with us your hurdles so that together we can make Phonnix a better application.

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