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    Studio Buddy is a photographer's Lighting Diagram creator.
    Lite version which limits #strobes/modifiers (look up Zach Arias if you really think it's not enough or buy the Full version).

    After adding a diagram, you can add devices by using the menu or long-pressing anywhere on the screen except an object.
    You can bring up a context menu on an object by long-pressing it.
    After you select an object, you can drag/move/resize it by dragging the control points up/down.
    Fling (quickly swipe) the screen left to right to get to the other screens.

    Known issues:
    - pixelated graphics on high-res devices (especially when you resize...the graphics are not vector, they're bitmaps)
    - not optimized on tablets yet (doesn't use fragments and graphics aren't high-res enough...will be in 2.0 if enough people buy the Full version)

    Permissions Explanation:
    - External Storage: for writing image to share
    - Internet: sharing via Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    - Gallery: for attaching BTS images to diagrams

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