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    Pic Measure

    Get rid of long written explanations of your images in e-mails, and use this tool to edit your pictures and easily convey more.

    Pic Measure is a handy and very useful tool to add measurements objects, area objects and their dimensions on your pictures.

    It has a very simple and self-explanatory interface which enables you to focus more on your actual needs of adding measurements.

    ( Most useful to : architects, interior designers, civil engineers, carpenters, real estate agents and people in various construction related works. )


    - Add unlimited measurement objects on an image, like

    - Lines
    - Angles
    - Callouts ( these are text boxes with arrow which can be used to point any area of interest on your image )
    - Elliptical/Circular Area
    - Triangular Area
    - Quadrilateral Area ( you can modify this to make it a square, rectangle, trapezoid, rhombus, parallelogram or any arbitrary shape as you require. )

    - Add your own texts on the measurement objects. Measurements objects support unrestricted entry of characters which enables you to write any value, unit or text as you desire ( e.g. mm, cm, m, km, inch, feet, 12 mm, 45.30 meters, Kitchen Area, and lot more... )

    - You can write texts on the all sides of Triangular and Quadrilateral areas. These texts will move and rotate with the change in the orientation of the figure.

    - Add different colors to measurement objects. Use the most suitable color that works in contrast with your background.

    - Choose from different line styles ( works with all colors and measurement objects ).

    - Continuous Lining
    - Dashed Lining
    - Dotted Lining

    Different lines styles enable you to further differentiate two same objects of same color.

    - Visible control points for easier and intuitive manipulation of objects.

    - A handy and zoomed Hovering-Window for locating the exact placement of measurement object under your finger tip.

    - Save the state of measurement objects and images. These saved states can be edited further again at anytime and re-used.

    - Import images either directly from camera or from your photo gallery.

    - Export your edited images to gallery in a dedicated album.

    - Undo or Redo your steps while editing.

    If you have any suggestions or queries, send an email at

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