Planned Calls

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    Plan your future calls with Planned Calls.
    Add contact numbers to a list and call them or send them messages. Use the Planned Calls symbol to call these contacts automatically.
    Detailed directions for use are shown in the YouTube (TM) video shown below.

    Supported Android Versions (TM) and Tests

    To run this application at least Android version 2.2 (API level 8) is required.
    Tests have been performed with the following devices:

    - HTC One S (TM) with Android Version "4.0.4", Bluetooth Headset Jabra EASYGO (TM) and Hands Free Unit THB Bury CC9060+ (TM)
    - LG Optimus Speed (TM) with Android Version "2.2.2"

    Access Rights

    - Contact Data: This is necessary because contact data is added to the contacts list. The note is: "Your personal information / read contact data"

    - Bluetooth Connections: This is necessary because Bluetooth headsets and Hands-Free units can be connected and while the phone's loudspeaker is switched on and off according to user preferences. The note is: "Network communication / create Bluetooth connections"

    - Loudspeaker: This is necessary because the phone's loudspeaker is switched on and off according to user preferences. The note is:
    "Hardware controls / change your audio settings"

    - Call: This is necessary because calls shall be establish right from the contact list. Only numbers are dialed which the user has selected before. The notes are: "Phone calls / read phone state and identity"
    and "Services that cost you money / directly call phone numbers"


    There are localizations for English and German.


    By downloading the application you are agreeing to the End-User License Agreement ( So please read this document carefully!

    Privacy Policy

    This software does not collect any data. Apart from information which is transmitted to your contact by default no data is transmitted.


    Android and YouTube are trademarks of Google Inc. HTC One S is a trademark of HTC Corporation, LG Optimus Speed of LG Electronics, Jabra EASYGO of Jabra(R), and THB Bury CC9060+ of BURY GmbH & Co. KG.

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