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    + PLANNER(Plus Planner) combines tasks, calendar, notes, and planning to enable increased individual effectiveness and productivity on smartphones and tablets.

    ===Information for Purchase===

    Please us with any question, you may have.
    We cannot answer any questions asked on Review.

    *If you would like to set Google Calendar synchronization, please refer to the User Guide. You can see only the schedules which you marked at Setting>Schedule/Calendar Setting>Schedule View Setting. You must select Google account before entering your schedule. Then you see a G mark on the schedule.

    ===About + PLANNER(Plus Planner)===

    This is an Android application for the world's best planner, + PLANNER(Plus Planner).

    + PLANNER works around 3 steps:Find, Plan and Act. It consists of Task, Schedule, Master Task, Notes, Calendar, Search, Mission, Goldensaying, Backup,sync and ScreenLock.
    You can share your schedule through Google Calendar, Twitter, SMS and Email. Using the drag-and-drop function, you can more easily your tasks and schedule.
    By allowing you to prioritize previously incompleted tasks and to make folders of Notes, + PLANNER is the most covenient way to manage your schedule.

    ===Features of + PLANNER(Plus Planner)===
    The core of + PLANNER is Plan, Act and Evaluate. Please see the process below.

    1. Write your plan at Master Task.
    2. Write your action plan after moving your plan into Today's Task from Master using the Drag function.
    3. Desingate its importance at Task as A, B or C.
    4. Act out your plan according to the tasks and schedules you planned in advance.
    5. Evaluate the status of your plan--complete, cancel or delay- at Task. You can delay what you did not complete today to the another date.
    6. If you designate the time of a Task, you can drag it to Schedule.

    Task helps you improve your execution of your plans, which will prevent you from delaying your important tasks and schedules.
    Once you follow the process-Plan, Act, Evaluate- of + PLANNER. you will begin to plan, act out what is truly important to you.

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