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    Poker History​+ is the best statistics tracking app on Google Play. With our well designed UI, you can easily enter a session in a matter of seconds. By recording your poker session results, Poker History​+ will calculate essential information, allowing you to track your progress and poker skill.

    Poker History​+ features:
    - Free to download and try
    - Record live or enter completed sessions
    - Support for cash games and tournaments
    - Session notes
    - Statistics
    - Graphs
    - View, edit and delete past sessions
    - Customize locations, stakes, structures and games
    - Data filters
    - Import and export as CSV
    - Import data from other poker tracking apps*

    You can enter ten sessions for free when you download Poker History​+. After you've entered your ten sessions, you will be prompted to unlock unlimited use through an in-app purchase. Data exports are disabled during the free trial.

    Your total profit, hours played, win rate, win percentage, standard deviation, profit in BB's, BB win rate, BB standard deviation, tournament ROI, and tournament in-the-money percentage are in the Poker Stats view. Poker History​+ also calculates your win rate, hours and profit separated by game, location, month and day of the week.

    By changing to the Poker Graphs view, you can see your profit graph as well as graphs filtered by game, location, month and day of the week.

    To see a list of all sessions, go to the Poker History view. Tap a session to view more information or to edit or delete the session.

    Importing and exporting your data is very simple in Poker History​+. Your data is exported to a file on your device's storage in the /sdcard/data/PokerHistoryPlus folder. Data from other apps* can be imported by choosing "Select file from another location..." You must have a file manager app installed to import a data file.** You can even import your data files from Dropbox!

    We really hope you enjoy Poker History​+ !!!

    * Currently supported: Poker Income Tracker
    **Some file managers don't support CSV files. Please try a different file manager if you get an error. We recommend Dropbox or Explorer.

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