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    Are you sick and tired of the usual Google web search? You know, you have to rummage in search of the right link? Well, then you absolutely have to try PowerSearch: give the Power to and speed up your researches!
    It free, it's fast, and it's here, at your fingerprints!
    For this very reason we love this saying just like Star Wars, 'May the Power be with you'!

    PowerSearch is the new shining application for power users and for advanced researches, but also characterized by the social sharing aspect: just try it now, you will love it!
    Let's go discovering the most searched words and the trend themes of the moment to always be on the crest of the wave and stay updated with the latest news; be part of the trend and become and active factor with your own researches, always shared with anonymously and without any privacy risk; set up the application and customize it to your own needs: that way you will be able to filter the usual - and often dispersive - Google results and obtain as soon as you can imagine what you were really searching about or just results coming from specific websites you love!

    For example, everybody loves movies and everybody loves go out to the cinema: how to be sure to go to see a nice movie? Simple! You could set up PowerSearch and say it to only search into movies sites that you know have trailers inside; so, search for the name of the movie and look at the trailer! Simple, fast, brilliant, don't you think?
    Naturally this is only an example and - as you can easily imagine - you can use the app as you prefer: it's easily customizable, it's powerful and you can save and store configurations and use the one you need when you need. You only have to think what you want to do...!

    In this world where time is money and where it seems that we never have time to really enjoy the life, PowerSearch tries to help you to don't waste it while leafing through the usual 10 pages of Google results you obtain when searching for something. So don't waste time anymore: download and install PowerSearch just now! Take the Power, reach the heart of the question in a moment!

    - A powerful and unique search engine entirely based on the powerful search engine of the web: the Google one, naturally; the original trait we have, also, is the high social feature we wanted to add: every research is shared completely anonymously with other users! Follow the trend of the moment and discover new things and new worlds! Or try to create one yourself!

    - A deeply tested system to create and save different configurations at time so to easily use one of them as soon as you need; create and save your personal filters, share them with friends or download one or more from the web; interests, news, sports, movies, politics.. you can do pretty everything with configurations!

    - A completely new way to think at your search experience by configuring PowerSearch with keywords, links to websites or regular expressions to search for into the thousand of results you usually obtain from Google; automatic filtering engine and the right results as long as you can imagine: that way you will only see the pages that satisfy the rules you chose or that have inside a link to a webpage you really wanted! The rest of the Google results will be safely ignored!

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