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    Presence control for employees

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    Increases productivity of your company with this presence control for office employees.

    ATTENTION, this system requires the installation of software on Windows computers in your company.

    The system automatically records each access of an employee on your computer (on/off and lock/unlock session) and the applications used in their daily work. The system guarantees the privacy of employees since only collects metadata, such as audit login/logout and time spent on each application. Never gets the contents of the working documents.

    With the information gathered, the system offers the following data for each employee:
    - Punch-in / Punch-out time: Register the beginning and end of the working day without physical devices (no readers and personal cards).
    - Effective working time (daily, weekly and monthly): To understand the number of hours worked in the computer.
    - Distribution of effective working time (daily): Detects unavailability of the employees because of breaks or meetings.
    - Distribution of working time between applications (daily, weekly and monthly): Lets find out in which applications your employees spend more time.

    You just need:
    - Install this App on your android device
    - Install pControlClient process on each computer you want to control
    - Install pControlServer process on a server to view the information on your android device

    This system is compatible with the following Windows versions:
    - Windows XP SP2 32/64bits
    - Windows Vista 32/64bits
    - Windows 7 32/64bits
    - Windows 8 32/64bits
    - Windows Server 2003 32/64bits
    - Windows Server 2003 R2 32/64bits
    - Windows Server 2008 32/64bits
    - Windows Server 2008 R2 32/64bits
    - Windows Server 2012 32/64bits

    Download the software here:
    - pControlServer -
    - PControlClient -

    Check the installation manual here:
    - pControlServer -
    - PControlClient -

    Configure the system in your company and you will see how productivity begins to increase.

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