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    This revolutionary app is designed to wirelessly print texts, images, html pages and web pages from your Android to a printer that is connected to your Windows PC! The communication between your Android and your PC is by means of your own wireless WiFi network. All you need to do is to install a very simple piece of local server software on your Windows PC This installation is done within 2 minutes and the server runs directly without having to set port or IP numbers and without complications Firewall.

    If a flatbed scanner is connected to your Windows PC, you can also command it from your Android to scan documents. The plain text is then automatically transmitted wirelessly to your Android and, if desired, read aloud .

    Commands to print or scan something can be spoken or activated via buttons or via the menu .

    This 'Print and Scan' app also has a built-in folders and files explorer as well as a built-in web browser. The contents of any webpage can also be printed!

    This app uses the principle of "WYSIWYP": " What You See Is What You Print" Using the lower right button, you can switch from a plain text to an image, the browser and back to plain text .

    There is also a menu available ( Android button with the three dots) .

    The required server software is called "Arti Server" and can be downloaded and installed on your Windows PC via this link :

    We hope you will enjoy and use this software .

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