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    EBTCalc is the ultimate programmable Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator available for Android devices, from tiny phones to large tablets, and everything in between. With EBTCalc, you can create custom buttons using the industry-standard Javascript programming language.

    EBTCalc is available in Free and Paid versions. Get the paid version to avoid the nag screen when editing Javascript.


    • Create an unlimited number of custom functions using the popular, industry-standard JavaScript programming language!
    • Custom functions are callable by clicking the custom button that appears the moment you’ve written the function.
    • The JavaScript editor allows you to instantly navigate to a specified function.
    • When a custom function is added or updated in the integrated editor, it can be immediately used by the calculator. Many other programmable calculators require the user to exit the app, and re-run it before the altered script is recognized. Not EBTCalc!
    • EBTCalc’s JavaScript editor pinpoints syntax errors for quick correction.
    • Custom JavaScript functions developed on one device can be exported and imported into other devices.
    • EBTCalc has a simple logging mechanism for easy debugging.
    • JavaScript methods that implement custom buttons are run with a user-specified timeout value, so there's no risk of infinite loops causing lock-ups and draining your device’s battery.
    • Custom buttons can prompt the user for values, using a standard Android dialog box.
    • Custom objects are treated like any other values: Custom objects can be manipulated on the stack, stored as memory variables, passed as parameters to custom functions, and so on. Custom objects are rendered on the stack using a toString function that you control.
    • Customize EBTCalc to your heart's content, using the popular, industry-standard JavaScript programming language!
    • Performs calculations using the RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) system, preferred by engineers and scientists.
    • Optional key click for improved data entry accuracy.
    • Optional thousands separator for improved readability of larger numbers.
    • Manipulates arrays as easily as floating-point numbers. Values on the stack can be converted to and from arrays with a single button click.
    • Full clipboard integration. Copy and paste values between EBTCalc and other apps.
    • Runs on large tablets to small phones, and takes full advantage of screen real-estate. On tablets, EBTCalc has an efficient two-column mode.
    • An unlimited number of values can be stored on the stack.
    • Values stored on the stack are available even after EBTCalc is closed and re-started.
    • Store an unlimited number of values in named memory variables. Memory variable values are retained until they are deleted. Retrieve memory variables by name.
    • EBTCalc has the standard set of advanced mathematical operations, trigonometry, statistics, and date/time manipulation.
    • Supports computer math: base conversions, arithmetic operations, and bitwise logical operations.
    • Minimalist, clean user interface. EBTCalc doesn’t get between you and your numbers.
    • Comprehensive on-line help, in the unlikely event that you need it.
    • EBTCalc has no advertising.
    • EBTCalc is open sourced.

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    Ruspita Ruspita

    by Ruspita Ruspita

    May 20, 2017  |  "Great"

    After add some function, application exit if tap custom and input as array like [] or [1,2..]

    Chris Massey

    by Chris Massey

    Sep 28, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    I wrote an application framework object to handle multiscreen applications, custom actions on the cancel and ok buttons, improved prompt interface etc, I even used it to create a blackjack game. It would be really useful if you could implement the ability to include text before the input fields, I would also like to be able to plot graphs via canvas etc. Thanks for your wonderful work.

    Paul Stickney

    by Paul Stickney

    Oct 04, 2015  |  "Good"

    However the stack is displayed.. inverted, no ability to roll, can't unwrap array with array inside, no ability to edit top stack value, etc. It would also be nice to use variables as stack symbols with load/sto operators.