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    The Sync option enables automatic backup of videos, pictures, music, calendar or contacts. Choose “when” (daily, weekly, or monthly) and “what” and it will be done automatically. Once you choose a file, you can send it to your colleagues directly from the online storage platform or upload it directly to your social networking account.
    There are three different levels of CloudIUS™ offered for Android products:
     CloudIUS™ Lite
     CloudIUS™ Pro

    Other products in this suite:
     CloudIUS™ Net (Web access to the user's safe).
     CloudIUS™ Backup (automatic backup of files/folders from Windows 7/XP/2008).
     Files/Folders sharing, interface with: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Picasa, YouTube, Mail, SMS, etc.
    Download CloudIUS™ now and receive more space and options to store your media and files than you ever have before!

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