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    BiDi To Me! Messenger lets you contact other people without giving our phone number or other personal information , only placing a BiDi (QR ) code anyone can contact you, capturing the code from BiDi To Me! .
    Using BiDi To Me! is only limited by your imagination.

    BiDi To Me! It is NOT a QR reader ( BiDi ) codes.
    We offer fully anonymous communication . We do not store any data from users or terminals .

    Have a bar / restaurant ? :
    Provides better service, more comfortable , reducing waiting times and inconvenience to the customer.
    - Put a code on each table
    - Make groups of waiters table assigning each to certain employees.
    - Your customers can call or even ask without having to wait or stand by simply pressing a button .
    - Save on expensive systems that only sell a few manufacturers .
    - Review Conozce your clients .

    Do you have a car? :
    - Place the code in a visible part of your vehicle and if it upsets your vehicle or someone hits him can contact you quickly and conveniently avoids fines and unexpected surprises.

    Parties , clubs and games:
    - Use BiDi To Me! for group games or put on a shirt when you leave the party, if someone wants to contact you only need to read the code and send you a message.
    - Use BiDi To Me! in augmented reality games .

    suggestions :
    - Put codes in areas of affluence for opinions and reviews , so you can improve and learn firsthand reviewer people trade city work.

    artists :
    - Use BiDi To Me! to let you know you and your work.

    Location :
    - Some users place the code in your children 's clothes , just in case someone is lost and you can quickly contact your parents.

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