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    Quick Torch provide an easier way to use your camera's LED as a torch.

    Besides the general widget toggle, Quick Torch provide another easier way than other torch apps. To light it, you only need turn on screen and shake the phone without unlock the lock screen.

    # Guide

    1) Turn off phone screen by click power button. If it is off already, go step 2 directly

    2) Click power button to turn on screen (don't need unlock it)

    3) In the following 5s, shake your phone to turn on the camera LED

    4) When the LED is on, you can shake again or press power button to turn it off

    4) If you don't open LED within 5s, the shake detection will be disabled so as to avoid conflict with other apps or open LED by accident

    5) You also can add Quick Torch widget on your Home screen, then turn on/off LED by click it

    # Others
    Works fine in Nexus One, it should works for all Froyo with camera LED.

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